Our syllabus & sessions are created from UKA & ESAA guidelines. Our coaching aims to teach the basis elements of athletics such as running, jumping & throwing, and sessions aim to stimulate interest in athletics and boost self-esteem. They shift the emphasis away from winning or losing, to setting and achieving goals for the improvement of personal or team performances. We encourage children to recognise when personal improvements have been made and these can be recorded.

Running developments - Over different distances & obstacles; team running; and passing an implement; understanding how technique, rhythm and stride pattern can affect performance.

Jumping developments - The basic take offs and landing combinations; understanding how different jumps can be joined together and how some jumps are better for height and others for distance; how jumping can be improved through the development of technique.

Throwing developments - A range of throwing actions using a variety of equipment, recognising how accuracy and distance can be increased through the development of throwing techniques.

Our syllabus & sessions are created though MBE (mini basketball england) under the England Basketball governing body.

Mini basketball is a game of skill rather than strength and is a mixed activity in which boys & girls are able to play alongside each other. The game offers the opportunity to develop the important skills of running, jumping, change of speed & direction, handling a ball, and shooting at a target. Mini basketball is the children's version of the game of basketball played with a smaller ball, lower equipment and simplified rules. It recognises the significant elements of the game which are appropriate to the age and stage of a child's development, with a philosophy based on the needs of the growing child.